Arvind Narayanan — Princeton

Office: 308 Sherrerd

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Twitter: @random_walker

I'm an assistant professor of computer science at Princeton. I research and teach information privacy and security, and moonlight in technology policy.

I'm a co-appointed faculty member at the Center for IT Policy and an affiliate scholar at Stanford Law School's CIS. Earlier I was a post-​doctoral researcher at Stanford and did my Ph.D. at UT Austin. (Bio)

I have three major research areas. I'm always looking for strong students to join the team.

Web privacy

I lead Princeton's Web Transparency and Accountability Project. We use large-scale, automated web measurement to uncover how companies are collecting and using our personal information.

Previously I helped develop the Do Not Track standard and worked on privacy-enhancing technologies for the web.

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Big data: anonymity, privacy, ethics

I've shown how machine learning can infer sensitive information from seemingly innocuous "anonymized" data, ranging from browsing histories to genomes.

The risks of machine learning go beyond privacy: in a paper in Science we showed how AI technologies reflect racial, gender, & other biases found in human language.

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Bitcoin and cryptocurrencies

We've developed an online course and accompanying textbook on Bitcoin and cryptocurrencies, as well as a systematization​-​of-knowledge paper.

We also have a variety of ongoing research relating to the security, anonymity, and stability of cryptocurrencies, and novel applications of blockchains.

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